To get started with the bot, simply invite it to your server using the following link:

Invite bot to server


To use all the features of the bot, you will need to grant it the following permissions:

  • „Manage Server“ and „Manage Channels“ for invite tracking
  • „Moderate Members“ to give reward or raider roles
  • „Send Messages“, „See Channels“, „Embed Links“ and „Attach Files“ to post embeds and export data for admins
  • Note: The role of the bot needs to be higher placed that the „item-role“ or „invite-role“ if being used
  • Other non-critical permissions such as seeing channels, writing, etc.

Note: If you do not want to use certain features, you can restrict the permissions of the bot. However, this may have unintended consequences in the backend.

To buy a license key just write me on Twitter, Discord (Romijoxx#2236) or buy it directly on patreon.

Once the bot is added to your server, you can activate the license by typing /activate [licensekey]. Then, you can finish the setup by typing /start. This will create the necessary database tables for your server. If you want to use the whitelistbot features, you will need to execute /wl-start as well. For detailed documentation on the whitelistbot features, please see the Whitelist Bot Documentation

With the setup complete, you can use the bot to manage your server and access its many features. For more information on the available commands, check out the Administrator Documentation.


Discord Activity Rewarding

  • Engage your community: With message and reaction rewards, your users will have a reason to be active on the server and interact with each other. This can create a more vibrant and engaging community on your server.
  • Grow your server: The invite reward system gives users an incentive to bring their friends to the server, which can help to grow your community.
  • Protect against spam: The spam protection feature helps to keep the server clean and enjoyable for all users, by preventing excessive message or reaction spamming.
  • Customize your shop: The shop system allows admins to add and remove items at will, so they can tailor the shop to fit the needs and interests of their community.
  • Track user purchases: The buyers list feature gives admins insight into which users are using the shop and what they are buying, which can be useful for understanding the preferences of their community.
  • Reward Shop Picture with select menu

By offering these features, this Discord bot can provide value to server owners and users alike, and encourage them to purchase it to enhance their Discord experience.

Cryprocurrency Mining Tycoon

Welcome to the ultimate cryptocurrency mining game on Discord! In this game, you’ll have the chance to mine for different types of virtual cryptocurrency and build up your fortune. With a range of mining equipment to choose from, you can increase your mining power and start making serious profits. Plus, you can trade your cryptocurrency on virtual exchanges to maximize your earnings.

Here are some of the exciting features you’ll find in this Discord bot:

  • Mine for cryptocurrency: Use the /mine command to start mining for virtual cryptocurrency. The amount you earn will depend on your mining power and a bit of luck. Be careful, though – if you use unsave equipment, you might see your balance take a hit!
  • Check your stats: Want to see how you’re doing in the game? Use the /game-profile command to view your current balance and stats.
  • Buy and upgrade mining equipment: With the /game-buy command, you can purchase new mining equipment to increase your mining power. You can also upgrade your existing equipment to boost your profits even further.
  • Trade your cryptocurrency: Once you’ve unlocked the virtual exchange, you’ll be able to use the /game-trade command to buy and sell different types of cryptocurrency.
  • Open mystery boxes: Feeling lucky? Use the /open-box command to try your luck with a mystery box. You could earn coins or even receive some new mining equipment. With the legendary mystery box, you’re guaranteed to get something good!
  • Claim daily/weekly rewards: Don’t forget to use the /daily and /weekly commands to claim your reward of coins and mystery boxes. You can only claim these rewards once per day or week, so make sure to log in regularly.

In this Discord bot, you’ll find a variety of mining equipment to help you get ahead in the game, including mining rigs, graphics cards, and more. You can also invest in stability and security equipment, like cooling systems and cryptocurrency wallets. And keep an eye out for even more exciting features coming soon, like virtual cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges!

Please note: this game is for entertainment purposes only and is not a real cryptocurrency trading platform. The values of the cryptocurrency and mining equipment used in the game are not based on real market prices. Do not invest real money in this game.

Our user and technical guide can be found on our website:

If you need help you can also contact Romijoxx#2236 in Discord.

Our official Twitter Support:

For Information about the Crypto Mining Game:

For Information about the Discord & Twitter Activity Reward Bot:

For Information about the Raid2Earn Bot:

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