Welcome to Raid2Earn, the beta version of our bot that allows you to earn rewards for participating in Twitter raids. Please be aware that there may still be some bugs and errors, and I am working hard to fix them as soon as possible. If you encounter any issues, please contact me using the information provided on our website.

At this time, I recommend only creating one concurrent raid at a time, as multiple concurrent raids are still in the final testing phase. When using the /createraid command, make sure to specify a small number of hours if you plan on creating multiple raids in the near future. People earn „Twitter Activity Points“ for participating in raids which can be used in the gasless marketplace together with the „Discord Acitivity Rewards“. More information here.

Please also be aware of the strict regulations surrounding the Twitter API. I am not responsible if your use of the Raid2Earn bot exceeds these limits. This is particularly relevant for tweets with a large number of comments (the monthly limit is 500,000) and likes and retweets (the limit for a 15-minute period is a few thousand). Keep in mind that the evaluation of the raid takes place at the end of the specified time period, so if you choose the 48-hour option, the tweet can only be up to 4 days and 23 hours old.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when using the Raid2Earn bot:

  • Twitter usernames for the link command are case-sensitive. I mention this in multiple places within the bot, but users may still overlook it.
  • When using the /createraid command, make sure to specify the full URL for both the tweet-id and picture attributes. For the picture URL, it is also important that it points to an image file (e.g. https://i.imgur.com/1OgApAq.png).

Here is a list of available commands:

  • /help: Returns the link to the Raid2Earn website and additional information.
  • /start: Generates the corresponding database tables. (If not done in the /activate process)
  • /raid-automate [twitter-account] [raidtime] [raid-admin-channel] [raider-reward-role] [prize] [winner] [picture] [pingrole] twitter-account (required): Account name of the twitter account. This option is case sensitive. raidtime (required): How long should the raid last? This option accepts an number between 1 and 48 (in hours). raid-admin-channel: Select a channel where the raid results are posted. raider-reward-role: Select the raider reward role. prize: The prize for the raid. winner: How many people can win? This option accepts an number between 1 and 50. picture: Enter the link to the raid picture. (It is important to use a direct link to an image like (https://i.imgur.com/1OgApAq.png) for example. pingrole: The role that every raid gets pinged. Please make sure the bot has enough permissions to send messages, embed links, see the channel in both the channel where the raids are posted and the raid-admin-channel if set. Also important to mention the raids are being posted in the channel where you execute this command. After the initial setup it might take 2 minutes until your accounts gets added to the program. After posting on Twitter it can take up to 5 minutes until the raids appears on the server.
  • /raid-create [tweet-id] [hours] [prize] [winner] [picture] [reward-role] [pingrole]: Creates a raid. The tweet-id and hours options are required and indicate which tweet should be raided and how long the raid should last. The input for hours is limited to whole numbers from 1 to 48, inclusive. Note: Twitter only allows comments up to 7 days old to be loaded, so if you choose the 48-hour option, the tweet can only be up to 4 days and 23 hours old at the time of the raid. The evaluation of the raid will take place at the end of the specified time period.

In addition to the required tweet-id and hours options, the /createraid command also has several optional fields:

  • prize: Allows you to enter a free-form text that will be displayed in the embed, indicating the prize for the raid.
  • winner: Specifies the number of winners for the raid. The limit for this field is 1 to 50, inclusive. Note: both prize and winner must be filled in together, or neither of them will be counted.
  • picture: The URL of an image to be displayed in the embed. It is important that the URL points to an image file (e.g. https://i.imgur.com/1OgApAq.png).
  • reward-role: Set a role that every raid participant should get.
  • pingrole: The role that gets pinged for the raid.

Here are some more commands available in the Raid2Earn bot:

  • /link-twitter [username]: Does the same as the „Link Twitter“ button. This allows users to link their Twitter username to their Discord account. Please note that the username is case-sensitive.
  • /unlink-twitter: Unlinks the Twitter username from the Discord account.
  • /refresh: Allows administrators to refresh the database connection in case of problems. This can be used as a self-service support feature.
  • /vote: Shows the voting page once the bot has been approved.
  • /raid-delete [tweet-url] deletes a raid
  • /twitter-user [user] Returns their linked Twitter Account Name
  • /twitter-user-export Returns all Twitter Account Names on your server

I hope this helps you make the most of the Raid2Earn bot. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need assistance.

Raid2Earn ist ein Discord Application & Buttons Command Discord Bot using the newest version of DiscordJs and the Twitter API to reward raid participants in your Discord Server.

Notice: The bot is still in beta and more options and features will be coming in the next few weeks.

Users can link their Twitter account and unlink it. This can be done either through the application command or through buttons.

Administrators can create raids. They can choose whether there are rewards for participating in the raid or not.

Our user and technical guide can be found on our website: https://raid2earn.site/

If you need help you can also contact Romijoxx#2236 in Discord.

Our official Twitter Support: https://twitter.com/Raid2Earn_Bot

For Information about the Crypto Mining Game: https://raid2earn.site/cryptocurrency-mining-tycoon/

For Information about the Discord & Twitter Activity Reward Bot: https://raid2earn.site/discord-reward-bot/

For Information about the Raid2Earn Bot: https://raid2earn.site/admin-documentation/

For Information about the Whitelisting Bot: https://raid2earn.site/whitelist-bot-documentation/ assistance.