This Discord bot rewards users for their activity on the server, such as sending messages and reacting to messages. It has features to protect against spam, as well as a shop system where admins can add and remove items that users can purchase with their in-game currency.


  • Message rewards: Users receive 3 activity points for each message they send in a channel.
  • Reaction rewards: Users receive 1 activity points for each reaction they give to a message.
  • Twitter rewards: Users receive 1 Twitter Activity Points per like and 3 Points per comment and retweet. This is only availible when the server is using the Raid Feature (More information on raids) and the user has linked their Twitter Account with /link-twitter or the button below the raid (Currently disabled due to Twitter API Changes)
  • Invite rewards: Users receive 10 Invites points for each user they invite to the server.
  • Spam protection: The bot has measures in place to prevent users from spamming messages or reactions to earn in-game currency.
  • Shop system: Admins can add and remove items from the shop, which users can purchase with their currency. The bot keeps track of which users have purchased which items.
  • Raffle system: Items listed in the shop can also be raffled. Just list a Item with settings described below
  • Buyers list: Admins can export a list of users who have purchased items from the shop, along with information about which items they purchased.


The bot uses three types of points: (Discord) Activity, Invite and Twitter Activity Points. Activity points are earned by sending messages and reacting to messages, while Invite points are earned by inviting new users to the server. Twitter Acitivty Points are earned by interaction on Twitter posts.


Here is a list of commands available to users:

  • /reward-shop: Display a list of items available for purchase in the shop.
  • /reward-buy [item-id]: Purchase an item from the shop using in-game currency. The `item-id` can be seen by using /reward-shop
  • /reward-profile [user]: Display the user’s current balance of points as well as their spend and total amounts.

Here is a list of commands available to admins:

  • /reward-item [item] [price-activity] [price-invites] [price-twitter-activity] [amount] [item role] [giveawaystyle] [giveawaytime] Add or remove items from the shop.
    • [item] Sets the name of the Item, the best things is too use unqiue names
    • [price-activity] Sets the activity points price
    • [price-invites] Sets the invite points price
    • [price-twitter-activity] Sets the Twitter activity points price
    • [amount] Use a positiv number to set a amount. Use „0“ to delete the item.
    • [item-role] This allows you to list roles to purchase like whitelist spots or a special support role (Optional)
    • [giveawaystyle] Select the giveawaystyle (Do not select this option it the item should just be buyable) The only giveawaystyle at the moment is a raffle ticket system. There will be unlimited tickets to be sold. The amount of winners is determined by [amount]
    • [giveaway-time] Enter the time for the giveaway (if it is a giveaway) in hours.
  • /item-buyers: Export a list of users who have purchased items from the shop, along with information about which items they purchased and in what amount.
  • /reward-pointsadd [user] [amount] [type] With this command it is possible to give and remove both currencys of the users.
    • [user] Select the user you want to remove/add points
    • [amount] Enter a positive value to add points and negative to remove
    • [type] Select wich kind of points you want to remove/add


This Discord bot offers a variety of features to encourage users to be active on the server, as well as tools for admins to manage the shop system. With its message and reaction rewards, invite rewards, and spam protection, it provides a fun and engaging experience for users.

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