Welcome to the cryptocurrency mining game! In this game, you will mine for different types of cryptocurrency and build your fortune. You can buy and upgrade mining equipment to increase your mining power, and trade your cryptocurrency on exchanges to make a profit.



Use this command to mine for cryptocurrency. The amount of cryptocurrency you receive will depend on your mining power and a little bit of luck. Be aware that unsave equipment may cause some loss in your balance! If you are lucky you can find a common or even legendary mystery box.


Use this command to check your current balance and statistics.

/game-buy [amount]

Use this command to buy a piece of mining equipment or mystery boxes.  The cost will be deducted from your balance. As an optional field you can enter the amount of equipment you want to buy.


Will be relevant after you bought the exchange. Coming Soon.


Use this command to open a mystery box. You will receive a random reward of coins or equipment. In the legendary mystery box one item is guranteed!

/daily & /weekly

Use this command to claim your daily/weekly reward of coins and mystery boxes. You can only claim this reward once per day/week.

Equipment that will boost your mining income:

Mining Rigs, Graphics Card, Mining Software, ASICs,Cloud Mining Contracts, Data Centers, Mining Farms

Equipment that will increase stability and secure your earned money:

Cooling Systems, Power Supplies, Cryptocurrency Wallets

Equipment that will unlock new features (Coming Soon)

Cryptocrurrency Wallets, Exchanges


This game is for entertainment purposes only and is not a real cryptocurrency trading platform. The values of the cryptocurrency and mining equipment used in the game are not based on real market prices. Do not invest real money in this game.

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